The Beginner's Guide to Content Marketing for Small Businesses
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General Content Marketing Resources

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The first section of this resource page contains links to resources that I’ve either created or collected and should prove to be very useful as you begin down the content marketing path.

The second section contains links to other content marketing resources such as books, online content marketing guides and recommended sites bursting with tips, tricks, how-tos and advice.

Resources Created or Collected by Me

SEO in Everyday English

You can find my recorded webinar on search engine optimization at This is a “must-know” topic for any content marketer.

My Content Marketing Pinterest Boards

I’ve collected tons of useful content marketing information, mostly in the form of infographics, on my categorized Pinterest boards. Check them out at:

The 1000+ Online Content Ideas for Your Business blog

Come learn more about content marketing on my blog at:

The Content Marketing Small Business Guide

You’ll find a nice collection of useful links in this curated guide to my content marketing articles. Visit to take a look.

Learn with Me

The online gateway to my content marketing courses and ebooks is my “Learn with Me” page at

Each course and ebook will help you learn why, how, when and where to create and use one specific type of content.  Both courses and ebooks are easy to understand, provide actionable steps and advice and include plenty of examples. Each one builds on the foundation of knowledge found within this book, and enables you to plan, create and implement increasingly effective content marketing campaigns.

Other Content Marketing Resources

Content Marketing Books

Online Content Marketing Guides

Recommended Content Marketing Resource Sites