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Why, and How, Crowdsourcing Content Boosts Your Online Marketing Efforts

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Why, and How, Crowdsourcing Content Boosts Your Online Marketing EffortsWarning: this post about crowdsourcing content might get you engaged, invested and just plain excited about my forthcoming book.

That’s right, I’ll admit it upfront: I began learning all about crowdsourcing content in order to promote “1000+ Online Content Ideas for Your Business”.

However, the more I dug into crowdsourcing content, the more I learned about this content marketing approach. In fact, I found so much useful info, and examples, on the Web that I got excited about sharing it here with you.

So that’s just what I’m going to do.

Enter to Win!

Crowdsourcing and User Generated Content

Simply put, crowdsourcing content is the act of asking folks outside of your company to create content for your brand.

Simply put, crowdsourcing content is the act of asking folks outside of your company to create content (text, images, videos, audio) for your brand. You can find lots of great examples of how to use this approach online and I’ve shared a bunch in the links below.

The crowdsourcing approach is different from hiring a specific agency or some other outside company in that the folks you are asking to create content are typically loosely affiliated with your business.

They can even be, and often are, your own customers.

Your reasons for crowdsourcing content can change each time you do it.

There are plenty of advantages to crowdsourcing content and your reasons for using the approach can change each time you use it.

You’ll find plenty of information on why to use crowdsourcing when you get to the links below but, as I mentioned at the top, here were my primary objectives for using crowdsourcing to promote my book:

  1. Engagement – I want folks to become aware that the book is on the way.
  2. Investment – I want folks to feel that they have contributed to making the book more useful for both them and others.
  3. Excitement – I want folks to look forward to getting their hands on the book because it will be useful to their business.
To achieve my objectives, I created a crowdsourcing contest.

To achieve my objectives, I created a crowdsourcing contest that enables potential readers to submit the industry or business type for which they want me to create online content ideas.

The industries or business types with the most entries will be featured in section 7 of the book, the one that focuses on online content ideas that can be used by specific industries and business types.

In other words – this is their chance to have me provide them with content ideas specifically tailored to their type of business! Pretty exciting, eh?

However, the whys and hows of crowdsourcing content go well beyond my humble contest so, without further ado, here are a ton of links to great online resources for learning more.

Why to Use Content Crowdsourcing

How to Use Content Crowdsourcing

Examples of Content Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing Tool

  • Zooppa – Here’s a great platform on which to run a contest for crowdsourced content.
  • Do you know of any others? Share them in the comments below!

How about You?

Have you tried crowdsourcing your content? Tell us about it!
  • Have you tried crowdsourcing your content? How’d it go? I’d love to hear about your experiences, both positive and negative, in the comments below!
  • Do you have a favorite example of content crowdsourcing? Go ahead and share them as well!

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  1. This is a great concept, Matt and your post is the first of me hearing about it. I’ve now got some additional ideas sprouting as to how to further enhance the value of my up-coming product. Thanks for sharing your finding with us; I wish you the best of luck with your book launch! :)


    • Ti – so glad I was able to introduce you to this awesome approach!

      If you do use content crowdsourcing, let me know about your experience – perhaps it would make a good story for the crowdsourcing chapter of my book!


  2. Hey Matt. As always, great content. “Crowdsourcing” is still a term that misunderstood, but your post makes it crystal clear in relating to content publishing. I currently oversee a Leading Expert Partners Program for Construction Connection whereby “leading experts” produce knowledge-based articles that brand them as “experts” in their subject matter area, as well as allow them to professionally promote products and services. Our job is to provide them online visibility and a brand marketing platform. This seems to fit your description in specific ways. It’s a rewarding way to share resources and yet “give back” to construction industry companies and individuals trying to build success.

    • Keith,

      Thanks for your kind words!

      Thanks also for your example of how to successfully crowdsource content! Nothing gets a point across better than a real-world story. :)


  3. Matt – hello again. Your post resonated, then inspired me. I just used it, extensively, to create a content challenge for our team around many of the ideas from the links. The days ahead ought to be interesting….

  4. Aw, this was an incredibly nice post. Taking a few minutes and actual effort to produce a top notch
    article… but what can I say… I put things off a whole lot and don’t manage to get anything done.


  1. says:

    Why, and How, Crowdsourcing Content Boosts Your Online Marketing Efforts…

    The more I dug into crowdsourcing content, the more I learned about this content marketing approach. I share what I found, and plenty of examples, in this post….

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