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6 Steps to Create and Host a Successful Webinar [Infographic]

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This post is just a tiny appetizer from my forthcoming book "1,000+ Online Content Ideas for Your Business".

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6 Steps to Create and Host a Successful Webinar [Infographic]If you want to know how to create a webinar, and how to host a successful online event, then “get your pirate on” and get ready for adventure.


A webinar is a live online event where you can present information, interact with the attendees & drive action with special offers.

Webinars fit the content marketing model perfectly because they:

Webinars fit the content marketing model perfectly.
  • Help you demonstrate your expertise while building goodwill, both of which build the trust that leads to sales;
  • Enable you to capture the warm target customer details of your webinar’s attendees; and
  • Can be recorded and then used in your ongoing content marketing efforts.

The 6-Step Webinar Process

To help you plan, create and run your own webinars, I’ve created an infographic that details the 6-step webinar process I use myself:

Topic –> Prepare –> Schedule –> Promote –> Present –> Follow-Up

Achieving the goals at each step is the key to holding a successful webinar.

Each step of the webinar process has one or more specific goals and achieving all of them is the key to planning, holding and benefiting from a successful webinar.

The webinar process will help guide you to the results you want.

Take note: these goals are not set in stone – you should always take your unique business situation into account – but the framework they provide will help guide you to the results you want be those leads, sales, sign-ups or something else entirely.

Off You Go!

To achieve webinar success, collect the 6 golden keys shown in the infographic below by completing the goals(s) for each step of the process. Remember to have fun because then your webinar attendees will have fun, too!

Ready? Then start your hunt for webinar gold!

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6 Steps to Create and Host a Successful Webinar [Infographic]

Link Roundup

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  1. Matt, Good post and good ideas. I’ve done a couple of webinars by hosting others. The format works because it frees up the presenter to concentrate on the subject while I worry about the technical aspects and answer questions in the chat area.
    I promoted the webinars in my Linkedin groups but after having been SWAMed I’m at a loss as to where to promote. Can you point me to good places?

    • Steve,

      Glad to hear that you have hosted some webinars! Hope they helped you move closer to your goals!

      Until they closed it down, I always posted my webinars in LinkedIn’s events area. Other spots I’ve posted at include Facebook events and appropriate sites that appeal to my target customers (e.g. lets me post events).

      I also post regular updates to my social media streams during the two weeks leading up to a webinar. Don’t go crazy and post a ton – you should post at different times each day and try to mix up different update messages, each one highlighting one point of value that folks will get when they attend.

      Lastly, if you have any co-presenters, make sure they promote the webinar as well, even if you’re the sponsor/host.

      Best of luck with your future webinars!



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    6 Steps to Create and Host a Successful Webinar [Infographic]

    If you want to know how to create a webinar, and how to host a successful online event, then “get your pirate on” and use this treasure map to hunt for webinar gold.

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